by Cold Curse

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released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Cold Curse California

Metallic aggression from California.

Anthony - Guitar
Cole - Guitar/Vocals
Jack - Bass
Nate - Drums

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Track Name: Oblivion
Your unreality, built by your disgrace
Accept abnormality and embrace oblivion
Track Name: Consume
Sink into cold abuse
Destined to always be used

Darkness, consumes

Relentless pursuit, darkness consumes

Hell's fire I fucking harness
Burning desire, death incarnate
Burning forever, death incarnate
Track Name: Depths Of Despair
Nothing's left, embrace the end
All hope gone, we descend
Dragged to the bottom
Nothing more to fall from
We descend

No light in sight, only demise
Led astray by endless lies

Suffer below
Destined to death
Suffer, in the depths
Track Name: Eternal Tomb
This silent river flows
In a land where nothing grows
All has lost its hope
Wander alone as death waits below
Death waits below

This life, an eternal tomb
Imprisoned in a hollow room
Will death release me soon?
Or let me suffer?
Sink into doom

Vivid colors blur to greys
Drowning slowly in the shade
Track Name: Summon
Recite the incantation
Unleash devastation
Track Name: Burning
Blind eyes, deaf ears, numb limbs, feel no pain
Hatred for yourself bestowed upon all else
Enemies burn beneath your disdain

No remorse for the lives you departed
You'll burn in the same fire you started

Iron fist clenched in pain
Intersect the vain
Just another blade you stain
All in your wake is damned forever
No coming back, not now, not ever

In vain
Track Name: Soul
Desolate humanity confined in their minds
Suffering covered by their weak disguises
Searching for solace
When my inner Hell arises

Day after day I grow more cold
So for survival set fire to my soul
Remnants turn to cancer
Awaiting death with no answer

All alone with no hope

All alone with no hope
Burn, empty, alone